Managed Print Services

A real transition to MPS is often more complex than expected

The right strategy / approach

How do you want to market yourself when it comes to MPS? Often you need to align direct and indirect business activities as well as manging multiple countries and different cultures. Do you need to rebuild your existing product and service portfolio? If so, how are you going to do this? We know the industry and can help you redefine or fine-tune your MPS strategy.


Are all your processes, systems, tools and people ready to fulfill the necessary MPS tasks? MagoVision helps finding the GAP with an extensive GAP analysis to actively support you with closing the gap. All relevant elements such as survey / proposal, project management, environmental aspects, maintenance issues, 1st and 2nd line support, on-going fleet management, solution support and many more will be evaluated and taken into consideration.

Marketing & Sales

How to optimize/change your approach in the market? Which of the aspects do you want to highlight and which pitfalls are to be expected?  Is my organization ready to sell MPS or do we still need to make a change from a box moving mentality to a more consultative selling organization? MagoVision has developed extensive marketing and sales tools as well as a training programs for sales and sales support to open/ expand on your MPS activities.

Offering true MPS means offering new services and this will have impact on your organization. MagoVision helps you streamlining and optimizing these processes in order to ensure a 100% smooth transition of your project.

Partner Management

We know the market and the players in the industry. We can help you making selections on the right partners for MPS tooling. We can even help you with the operational fulfillment if required. MagoVision has partnerships with all key players in the industry.