Managed Print Services

From hand-on support to managing extensive MPS programs

Our level of support can vary from hands-on support to managing entire MPS programmes.

MagoVision will always start with an extensive analysis of the existing situation. This results in detailed report covering all relevant aspects such as resourcing, processes, tooling, ambitions, SWOT and customer overview. After mutual agreement of the current environment we will provide you with our suggestions / and a detailed proposal covering all your requirements. Our proposal contains a detailed project plan which is transparent, pragmatic, well budgetted and realistic.

We are also managing the expectations and resources on customer side. We always build in quick wins in order to increase the acceptance and confidence level of our projects.

An extensive toolset

Magovision has build an extensive set of processes, documents, tools and presentations which guarantees a smooth and succesfull transition or rollout of your project. We use professional project management tools supported with a frequent reporting structure to keep you informed about our activities.

“Please take a look at some of our key disciplines……………..”