Managed Print Services

Selling and executing MPS sounds easy

(IT-) Resellers have different organizational structures, different resource capabilities, different expertise levels with MPS and different budgets when it comes to investing in MPS. Therefore the challenge is finding the right way to step into the MPS world taking into consideration the specifics of your organization.

MagoVision understand this and has developed an individual program to support resellers in their transition to MPS. In order to create the flexibility MagoVision has developed an off-the-shelf deployment package for resellers.

“Deployment Package”

The deployment package is a ready-to-use set of tools, processes & documents allowing you to manage MPS projects. All relevant topics from a smooth project plan, legal documents to entire fleet management templates are part of this package. Why would you try to create this all yourself as we have it off-the-shelf.

It might be obvious that all our “vendor support” offerings are also available for resellers and vice versa.


In case you don’t have the expertise or know-how to work on the operational MPS activities, MagoVision is more than happy to step in. Professional surveys and proposals, pro-active fleet management or managing the entire project, are standard services for us.