Managed Print Services

We know what you want as an end-customer

As we have so much knowledge on the vendor, reseller or software partner side, we know precisely what end-customers require if we talk about MPS:

Defining the needs for an MPS project
Helping establishing the right MPS targets in your organization
Tender and selection process
Project management
Setting up effective and professional fleet management
Managing partners
MagoVision has the experience and know-how to save up to 35% of your reprographic spend.

MagoVision is software independent, so we are not bounded  to one vendor, or software partner. Based on your requirements, we help you with finding the right partners.

Change Management

We have special focus on the topic “Change Management”. We know that switching to MPS sometimes can have a big impact on your organization. New partners, new products, new solutions, integration into your organization and possible resistance against changes. MagoVision has developed an entire change management package, supporting you as end-customer in these changes.

“MPS is fun and really brings a lot of value add…….”